In the late 20th century, because of the high demand in corrosion free steel, Nafco Inox S.A.L was established in Bouchrieh-Industrial city-Lebanon to produce stainless steel machinery for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies.

Throughout the years, the company grew by size with a second branch in Naher Ibrahim-Lebanon; production became more efficient with higher quality thanks to advanced technology and machinery with widened variety to become a leading manufacturer in the region.

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Company Information

Design process

To achieve a fine quality equipment, our team is responsible for the R&D, design calculations, manufacturing drawings, on site supervising and finally testing.

Non- Conformity procedure

Testing our equipment, checking for any malfunction and solving any defect found are considered among the most important steps in our manufacturing process.

Our goal is customer satisfaction and trust with an aim to maintain the company’s reputation.


With Iso 9001:2015 and CE Mark certificates we aim to provide and manufacture the finest quality of equipment and to build a lasting customer relationship.

Customer value proposition

  • Customized designs and solutions
  • Innovative propositions
  • Excellent customer support
  • Engineering studies
  • After sale maintenance and services