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"NAFCO INOX" Manufacturer of Stainless Steel; Tanks, Mixers and other machinery used by the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical products processing companies

Machines are tested before delivery


Established in 1963, a leader and a pioneer in steel work in the region.
In the 1980's there was an increasing demand for corrosion resistant steel,
To meet this demand the "Stainless Steel" has been introduced in the company, which started to concentrate and specialize in Stainless Steel works. Eventually the manufacturing was switched from steel products to Stainless Steel products, using different grades according to applications.
To emphasize the use of Stainless Steel in the company, the word "INOX"
was added to the name thus Becoming "NAFCO INOX"


"NAFCO INOX" is currently a leading manufacturer in its field in Lebanon and the Middle East. Using high quality and worldwide-recognized raw materials and accessories in the production of the machinery. Working on state of the art current equipments and continuously updating machinery according to new technologies. Relying on highly trained and skilled workforce in co-operation with a team of qualified engineers and experienced technicians.

"NAFCO INOX" has become a brand name for its high quality products and the efficiency of its work. As a result gaining the satisfaction and the demand in the Middle East, the African continent, and many European countries.